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Happy Young Man

  Learning to Love,  

  & Loving to Learn  

Teacher and Young Student

What is the Ideal Black Family L.I.F.T.?

The Ideal Black Family LIFT is a virtual course empowering parents to teach and learn with their children in a fun-filled environment that transports the joy of learning beyond the classroom into the home. This hybrid class helps parents to help students strengthen reading, writing, and math skills and guides them in exploring the lives of Black history icons as role models for developing positive character and incorporating universal human values. 

L.I.F.T. Summer Program 2022.png

Over 40 years of Ideal Education

serving the Washington, DC community

In an Ideal Education, learning is fun. There is joy in the learning process. Students learn to love - and love to learn. This love of learning is like a pervasive aroma infusing the atmosphere with an intoxicating desire to achieve the highest.

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