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The mission of the Academy for Ideal Education is to ensure that students actualize their fullest potential in mind and body through a balanced academic and affective education program. The goal is to empower students to excel academically, to achieve maximum self-reliance and personal fulfillment and to be self-actualized as competent, contributing citizens in a diverse, global society.

Teach In Harmony


The teachers and the administrators have interwoven into the fabric of their lives and that of the school, techniques of managing and reducing stress.  They are able to significantly reduce the stress in the environment and to help the students reduce and eliminate the stress in themselves and the stress, which they encounter in the school environment.

The Future Sounds Good


Teachers have fully integrated the techniques of Ideal Excelearn into their teaching program so that they are using this system at least 80% of the time.  This means that teachers are comfortable using the arts in the teaching of most subjects.  They have mastered the appropriate use of music and rhythm in the presentation of the lesson.

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  Mama Paulette 
Founder’s Notes 


The Ideal school is inclusive and highly individualized.  Every student is taught according to his/her ability and his/her learning style. Students with special needs have both in-class and resource adaptations to meet their needs.  Teachers are I.D.E.A.L.  

They are Inspired, Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Actualized, and actively Living the philosophy of Ideal Education.

The program is culturally reflective of the ethnic background of the majority of the students.  It is from an African and African-American perspective.  The physical environment and the content of the curriculum reflect this perspective.  Our observance of holidays incorporates our culture celebrations.

All of the above characteristics, if present certainly distinguish the Ideal Schools.  Additionally, one major distinctive feature is the morning openings.  The Ideal Morning Opening incorporates many of the techniques of Ideal Excelearn into the 10-minute process.  It thus sets the tone for the day and gives students a daily review of the philosophical basis of the program.


In an Ideal Academy, learning is fun.  There is joy in the learning process. Students learn to love - and love to learn.  This love of learning is like a pervasive aroma infusing the atmosphere with an intoxicating desire to achieve the highest.


A peaceful presence settles into the Ideal program.  That quality of peacefulness is noticeable from the moment one enters the building.  The peacefulness, however is dynamic:  it may be full of activity; it may even be loud. Indeed it is like the ocean, though filled with the motion, activity and sound of the waves, the peaceful presence of calm is there.  Even after a storm, the peacefulness quickly and predictably returns.


These are the characteristics and qualities that I seek to develop in an Ideal learning environment.  These are the distinctive characteristics, which would make truly an Ideal School.

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